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SCCR 31: Intervention by Teresa Hackett for eIFL re broadcasting treaty

>> Good afternoon. I'm speaking on behalf of electronic information for libraries, the works with libraries in developing and transitioning countries. I'd like to make a comment on the object of protection that has been under discussion here this afternoon. And the importance that any new instrument that might be created limits the object of protection to the signal and not to any underlying content.

SCCR 31: KEI Intervention on the again-expanding scope of the broadcasting treaty

Martin Moscoso, the Chair, invited NGOs' comments.

>> KEI: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. In listening to the conversation today and yesterday on this notion of signal versus the content, or container versus the content, it sounds appealing and people have been talking about this now for some years, the idea that you can separate the idea that there is a signal and there is content and things like that.

SCCR 31 Does "object of protection" include "on demand"?

4pm Day 2 Paragraph 3 of Object of protection
Discussion on:

(3) Broadcasting organizations shall also enjoy protection for simultaneous or near simultaneous retransmission by any means as if such transmission were a broadcast.

SCCR 31 Object of Protection: how to protect the signal only?

Object of Protection: how to protect the signal only?


SCCR31 Object of Protection Discussions

Day 2 SCCR31 Object of Protection discussion started a 12:45pm. At 1pm we left for lunch and a meeting on education.


(1) The protection granted under this Treaty extends only to broadcasts transmitted by, or
on behalf of, a broadcasting organization, but not to works or other protected subject
matter carried on them.

(2) The provisions of this Treaty shall not provide any protection in respect of mere
retransmissions by any means.

(3) Broadcasting organizations shall also enjoy protection for simultaneous or near

SCCR31 Morning Discussion on Definitions of Retransmission

Day 2 of SCCR31. The morning session was well attended and took place in the "old" and smaller meeting room. Delegates and NGOs can see each other in this room and it was leading to quite a bit of diplomacy and thus most probably consensus. Here is a selection of interventions regarding definitions of retransmission as stated in the Chair's text under discussion:

(d) (1) “retransmission” means the transmission by any means of a broadcast [/cablecast] by any other entity than the original broadcasting [/cablecasting] organization, whether

SCCR 31: Day 1. Statement of India regarding the broadcasting treaty

The Delegation of India made the following elegant but extremely to the point statement:

Opening Statement by India on the Broadcasting Treaty at the 31st session of the Standing Committee Copyright and Related Rights at WIPO on 7 December 2015, delivered by Dr. Sumit Seth, First Secretary (Economic)

Thank your Mr. Chairman

SCCR 31 Day 1. Debate on Definitions for Broadcasting & Cablecasting Treaty

DAY 1 (12/7/15) SCCR 31 Re Definitions

This is the text the member states are dicussing this afternoon:

For the purposes of this Treaty:

(a) “signal” means an electronically generated carrier capable of transmitting a broadcast or
cablecast encrypted or not which carries the programmed output of a broadcasting organization.


(b) (1) “broadcasting” means the transmission by wireless means for reception by the
public of sounds or of images or of images and sounds or of the representations thereof, such

WIPO SCCR 31: Check out the Text for Broadcasting & Cablecasting Treaty

At the close of the last meeting (June 29 to July 3, 2015), the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) requested that the Chair prepare for its next session (December 7 to 11, 2015) a "consolidated text" with respect to 1) definitions, 2) object of protection, and 3) rights to be granted for the proposed treaty for the protection of broadcasting and cablecasting organizations.

Western or Fairy Tales? Global Copyright Policies & Info Soc VII Seminary, Curitiba Brazil

Here is my presentation at the VII Seminary Internacional Sobre Sociedade Da Informacao E Propriedade intelectual organized by Professor Marcos Wachowicz, Universidade Do Parana and Professor Jose Augusto Fontoura Costa, Universidade De Sao Paulo. Participants --all experts in copyrights-- were from Spain, Portugal and Brazil and the discussions were lively and informative. Great copyright event in Curitiba, Brazil.

SCCR 30: Resale right proposal on the table?

Today on the last day of the SCCR 30, under Agenda Item 9 “Other Matters” Congo-Brazzaville asked for the floor to propose that the WIPO Copyright and Related Right Committee start working on the Resale Right, a fundamental right for authors of graphic and plastic arts. This economical rights consists of a small percentage of the resale price that art market professionals pay to artists at each resale of their works be it in auction or in a gallery.


SCCR 30 End of Session on the Broadcasters’ Treaty: Snail pace to -almost- reach consensus

July 1, 2015 2d Morning Session

The morning started and ended with the clear impression that there was no consensus on whether definitions are needed or not regarding broadcasting organizations or broadcasting itself. Still, Romania and the Central European States and Balkans group as well as the Russian Federation were calling for text-based work and were talking about “a road map to a diplomatic conference.”

SCCR 30 Efforts to wordsmith definition fall short

July 1, 2015 day 3

This morning, the SCCR continued with the discussion regarding two important definitions--definition of beneficiaries: who are they? How do you define a broadcaster? And also of course what is the definition of the act of broadcasting.

On day 2 at SCCR 30, Anne Leer tells delegates to make broadcasters happy, extend treaty to Internet

Anne Leer is the WIPO Deputy Director General for Culture and Creative Industries Sector, where she leads WIPO’s activities in the field of copyright and related rights. Not a familiar figure at WIPO, she joined the organisation in December 2014, coming from the commercial side of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). In addition to the BBC, she had previously worked for Paramount, Oxford University Press, and Financial Times/Pearson and Prentice Hall.

SCCR 30 The European Union on the Broadcasting treaty (thumbs up) and the L&E (thumbs down)

Not surprising: the European Union statement re the agenda:

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